After 20 years of homeschooling, we heard the need and responded by opening a One - Day Catholic Academic Program for grades K through 12.

Our program correlates history, literature, and science over a four year cycle.  This correlation is also integrated with all grade levels ( ex. Greek literature, history, and astronomy are studied among all ages in the family, with history following a chronological sequence) bringing simplicity and peace to the home. Our hearts’ desire is to come alongside parents while supporting and encouraging them. Within this community, families come together one day a week to learn, and are given a syllabus with assignments to complete at home.  Our desire is not to usurp the parents’ responsibility, but to ease the workload, and cultivate a love of learning for the entire family.

We believe that true education can harmonize the intellect with the soul, by seeking truth, goodness, and beauty.   

Our Mission

We believe that true education can harmonize the intellect with the soul

by seeking truth, goodness, and beauty.